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We've hand selected the best people. They are the best because they know how to listen, innovate, and deliver. We hope you like working with them as much as we do.

How our governance and people work together in a bottom-up approach

  • Our Communities set our priorities
  • Our skilled-based Board sets our strategic vision
  • Our Leaders help to stay on track and committed to our vision and mission

Our Board

Our skill-based board members are:


Honorable Anna Burke

Our Leaders

Our leaders

Chief Executive Officer

Jon Evans

heidi head shot
Director Research Enablers & Partnerships

Heidi Gaulke

Our Governance

Our governance model shows our close links to our founding and precinct partners.

We have taken a bottom-up approach to our committees. We start with giving our communities a voice to priorities that are important to them. With their endorsement, we add in scientific review, feasibility and regulatory committee oversight. Our strategy and direction are set by the Executive Committee under the direction and guidance of the Victorian Translational Research Institute Board. There is accountability to the Victorian Translational Research Institute and Austin Health Boards through direct reporting of these committees’ respective Boards.  

Our founding and Academic partners work together to seek support for common goals and
objectives through the Austin-Mercy Precinct Research Collaborative Committee. Formal reporting from this committee is presented to the boards of our respective partners.

This Committee sets the strategic priorities for setting the research agenda for what questions we should be answering.

This Committee has a diverse community membership. By being diverse, it means we can bring a voice to the table from those who have lived experience.

Once the Consumer Priorities Committee has endorsed proposed research, our Medical and Scientific Committee review the research to make sure it has scientific merit and is designed to give the desired outcome. 

This Committee brings the experts together to make sure we are delivering world class research that will make a difference. We also like to embed key principles of implementation science, biostatistics and health economics into our projects. This means we can have maximum impact for everyone.

Research is a complex web of logistics. This means you need to get lots of people together to ‘sign-up’ and ‘sign-off’ on different parts of your project. We think if we work, meet and connect together at the same time, we can get the right research to our patients quicker.

Our Strategic Management & Analysis of Risk in Translational Research Governance Committee is powered by Austin Health.

Our regulatory approvals are powered by Austin Health. This includes our Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC). 

You can find out more about our Regulatory Committees on our Discovery & Innovation page on Resource Hub.

So we stay current, and deliver on our promise, its important our partners and senior leaders come together to work on implementing our Board’s strategic direction.

Our Executive committees perform different functions. Their functions are outlined in our Terms of Reference.

Our Collaborative Committee is just that. It assists in fostering collaborations between health services, partner university and affiliated research institutes. Together they form the Austin-Mercy Precinct Research Collaborative Committee. 

This Committee is made up of our valuable founding and academic partners. Our Chair is
Professor Richard Larkins, AC.

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