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Get Involved

There are lots of ways to get involved with research. See how to become a valuable part of our Community.

Join our research

As a research participant

If you are a patient, carer, or family member, you can take part in a research project. You can do this by:

As a research participant

As a Research Community Advisor

Research Community Advisors are patients and carers who have/had a medical problem, like a disease or an illness. You can help researchers to focus on what’s important for people who have the same medical problem as you. By getting involved, you can make research better for your community.

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Join our Research Priorities Committee

Health starts from knowing the needs of the communities we serve. Our Research Priorities Members tell us what’s important to them. This means we know what research will make a difference to the communities we serve.

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As a researcher/student

Want to work or study with us? We would love for you to join our family.  Get in touch to learn more.

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Find an expert

We’ve got you covered. Our experts can help you with:

  • Finding help with your medical problem, like a disease or illness
  • Research collaborations
  • Finding a mentor
  • Finding a supervisor (Honours, Masters or PhD)

Find a research project

Want to find a research project? We’ve got you covered. Search to find our research projects that can help you with:

  • Finding help with your/your loved one’s medical problem, like a disease or illness
  • Research collaborations

Clinical research explained

What is research?

Research helps us to make better treatments for your health and wellbeing.  It is the only way we can find safe ways to treat you. We also need research to know if our new treatment is better than the old treatment. Clinical Trials are a type of research.

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Why join a research project?

You might take part in research because:

  • The research might help with your health and wellbeing
  • You want to help find better treatments. Sometimes this means the treatment you receive won’t help with your health and wellbeing in the way you hoped
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What questions should I ask before I join?

Get information to read and ask questions until you know:


Where is the research taking place?


How safe is it to take part?


What are the risks if I take part?


Can I have other actions, drugs or therapies?


How much time will the research take and will I need to take time off work/school/university?


 How long will I have to take part in the trial?


 Are there any costs?


Who do I get in touch with if I have a question, problem or an  emergency?

first aid

Read your Healthcare rights

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How can I join or stop being part of a project?

  • Research has rules for who can join a project. They are the inclusion/exclusion rules. If you meet the inclusion rules, you can choose to join a project.
  • Joining a research project is your choice. No one can make you join if you don’t want to.
  • If you want to join, let your research team know. If you don’t want to join, you don’t have to tell anyone.
  • If you join, and it’s not for you, tell your research team you want to stop. If you don’t want to tell them, we can tell them for you.
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